Who’s Who and What’s What

August 3, 2013

In a really good and complex historical novel, I find myself making a list of characters so that I can recall them when they reappear after an absence of many of pages. Also, I often am torn between continuing to follow the action and breaking my concentration to look up what something or who someone is.

In CONFLICTING LOYALTIES this is done for the reader with the inclusion of a “Who’ Who and What’s What” at the back of the book. There you will find short biographical sketches or descriptions – and sometimes photographs – of persons, places, and things mentioned in the story stating whether they are historical or fictional. Diagrams of ships and artillery and maps and illustrations of geographic localities are provided as well to let you follow the action. Here are a few examples:

ROBERTS, Joseph Jenkins, Honorable, “Old Gruff” (Historical): First President of Liberia. He was born free in Norfolk, Virginia in 1809. His father, James Roberts, was a free African-American owner of four barges on James River. He was photographed by Augustus Washington.





A view of Freetown with key points identified by the author:

Freetown, Sierra Leone 1852


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