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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00001]Sweet, Bonney, Daniel, and Talliaferro continue their adventures in: FOR ARMS
A Navy Gray Novel of the Civil War at Sea Book 2

Available Soon

As hostilities escalate in America, the officers of the former slave ship “Ebony Angel” are in a race against time to obtain a cargo of war materiel in Great Britain and enter a Southern port before the increasingly effective Blockade prevents their arrival. Marine Lieutenant Bonney and Midshipmen Sweet and Talliaferro must pursue their goal without violating British neutrality or laws. Inevitably, they become embroiled in the diplomatic and espionage activities of North and South, the naval race between Britain and France to commission armored warships, the British arms trade, the Irish Question, social and romantic entanglements, British politics, and a contest with the United States Navy.
Filled with historically accurate characters and events in Liverpool, London, and Ireland at the height of the Victorian Era, this carefully researched, authentically detailed story brings to life the challenges facing British and American officials and individuals as they try to understand and respond to the cataclysm of the American Civil War.

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