Conflicting Loyalties

Conflicting Loyalties

Prowling the Gulf of Guinea in search of a notorious American slaver in the spring of 1861, U.S.S. Jamestown is a troubled ship. Deployed off West Africa for nearly two years, the crew is restless and irascible. Fragmentary information about the developing political crisis at home elevates the tension. Festering personal animosities burst into the open when the captain is killed. Putting in for repairs at the British port of Freetown, the crew hears of Fort Sumter. Tensions explode requiring each officer and man aboard to resolve his own conflicting loyalties as Jamestownmimics the nation’s slide into sectional conflict. To avoid an international incident, Jamestowndeparts, abandoning those of her crew suspected of Southern sympathies. Marooned in West Africa, Midshipman Charles Sweet and Lieutenant of Marines Aaron Bonney must overcome their personal antagonisms to lead two-dozen Southerners home through diplomatic complications, romantic entanglements, local warfare, and conflict with the United States Navy. Faced with crises that would daunt a commodore, only a combination of dash, courage, quick wits, and inconceivable luck can get them home to war.

Set against the colorful backdrop of the British Colony of Sierra Leone and the African-American Republic of Liberia, this carefully researched, accurately detailed story brings alive the human and historical turmoil of a nation and a naval service spiraling into civil war.

What Others Say

“Conflicting Loyalties is a well-spun yarn, full of salt, spray, and red-blooded characters. Hib Kline’s tale of the Marines of the Civil War era, masterly weaving fictional and historical entities and events into the novel, measures up to C.S. Forester’s Hornblower series.” -David M. Sullivan, author of the four-volume The United States Marine Corps in the Civil War.

Conflicting Loyalties addresses many interesting questions. How did the effects of the Civil War extend beyond the borders of the United States? What were the relations between those in the military from different part of the country, what were their perspectives about the slavery issue, and how complicated was the master – slave relationship? How might U.S. military units away from the United States react to the dissolution of the Union? Hib Kline uses these questions as a jumping off point for a complex and fascinating novel of personal and political conflict, blood, friendship, loyalty, humor, tenderness, lust, love, and naval war in a most overlooked locale, West Africa.” – Alex S. Rosser, PhD, former President, Wornall/Majors House Museums, Inc. Buy Now style 1 button

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